Monday, April 7, 2014


I just returned from a much needed weekend trip with my girls in Sonoma, CA and HAVE to share my favorite fashion find from the trip. We were at Imagery Winery when I met Yan Sun who was sporting this adorable little kitty cap by BCBG. Blame it on my fascination with random animal fashions, but I kind of need it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Piss off winter

Piss Off tee by Threadless, Knit vest by Anastasia
Do you have a winter wardrobe hangover? Because, I do. Now don't get me wrong, I love my winter clothes but I'm ready for spring. Since it's not quite time to pack away the wool, I'm doing my best to spruce up my favorite winter staples. Fresh tees are an easy way to do that.
Threadless was kind enough to share some of their new styles and these tees work wonders to bridge the seasonal gap.
Check out some of the looks we put together. Most of my winter staples come from Anastasia, she's my lovely model. More shots on our Pinterest page.

Piss Off tee by Threadless, Knit vest by Anastasia
Fox tee by Threadless, Flower Skirt by Anastasia

Fox tee by Threadless, Flower Skirt by Anastasia

Piss Off tee by Threadless, Knit vest by Anastasia

Fox tee by Threadless, black skirt by Anastasia
Cat crop by Threadless, plaid skirt and hat by Anastasia

Cat crop by Threadless, plaid skirt by Anastasia
White tee by Threadless, pink hat by Anastasia
Cat crop by Threadless, plaid skirt and hat by Anastasia

Wolf tee by Threadless
Wolf tee by Threadless, leopard skirt by Anastasia
Wolf tee by Threadless, leopard skirt by Anastasia

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oprah was wrong about shorts.

Back in the 90s, Oprah told me (and the rest of America) that "shorts don't look good on anyone." I took this to heart and very, very rarely wore shorts again until I entered adulthood and stopped giving a crap about what other people thought about me, Oprah included. Truth is, everyone can look good in shorts, you just have to find the right pair and feel good in them; a pair of killer heels won't hurt either.

Not only can everyone wear shorts, you can even wear shorts in the winter, in Chicago.
ReFINDefined Shorts shoot

Why not? You'd wear a skirt and tights?

My dear friend Redgi of reFINDefined is coming out with a new winter shorts line that will knock your socks off.

He asked myself and a few other Chicago-area fashion bloggers and stylists to model the line at a shoot this past weekend. It just goes to show you, truly anyone can wear shorts. None of us are models and most of us are much more comfortable on the other side of the camera. Anything for Redgi Woods. Thank you sir for a great day of fashion and new friends.

All of the shorts I haven't already bought will be available at both Comfort Me Boutique locations starting next week!

Lincoln Park Location:
701 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Hyde Park Location:
5421 S. Harper Ave.
Chicago, IL  60615

Here are a few of my favorite behind-the-scene shots from the day.
Featured above from L to R is myself, Kammarra Blalark, Joanne Mac and Nikia Jefferson.
Photographers Falin Huang and Redgi Woods.

Nikia Jefferson of Chi-town Fashionista
Nikia and Redgi worked up this real time broche cluster, created out of accessories we all brought for styling
Real-time art installation of back-drop for the photo-shoot
Mimosas and styling station
Redgi at work
Eel skin shorts
A plaid pair

Monday, October 28, 2013

Patti Rath of P. Rath Couture

Click here to see Patti's other work
Last weekend, my dear friend Christian got married. His lovely mother, Patti Rath, is a local
designer and tailor in my hometown of Murphysboro, IL. Patti wore one of her own P. Rath Couture dresses to the wedding. The fabric has the most exquisite beading and color that she accentuated with a delicate gold scarf and some precious suede pumps.

The fabric Patti selects has such great quality and detail and this is one of the things that truly distinguishes her as a designer.

She recently launched a ready-to-wear line PRATH that mirrors her couture work. If you can't make it to Southern Illinois to meet her (which would be worth the trip), you can still enjoy her work by ordering online.

Patti is a wonderful lady and she brings a special energy to her community that translates directly into her designs. When you talk to her, she makes you feel like you're the only person in the room, and when you wear something she has made, you'll stand out in a very similar way.

I've loved following her work over the years. My senior year of high school, she helped me to create a replicated version of a dress my mother wore to her senior homecoming while still making it my own. She has a way of making her clients feel special and can translate an idea into a beautiful work of art. She was also a wonderful neighbor and friend to my grandma Betty, so she's even more special to me. I'm very happy to share her work with you and will feature her seasonal designs in the future. Patti Rath is a Total Betty.

Patti and I after the wedding
Patti with her grand daughter Kate

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Total Betty Beyond Boutique

This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon shopping with a client at my favorite store in Bucktown, Beyond Boutique. The owners, Katherine and Michelle, do a great job of bringing in a unique mix of designers that you can't find just anywhere in Chicago. The fashions they feature are both high quality and affordable, I recommend you stop by and check it out yesterday. They're also cool chicks that I am happy to call friends. The boutique is right on the corner of Damen and Cortland. I hit up this place more than Starbucks.

While I was there, I noticed this little firecracker, Sharon Irving, trying on some of my favorite pieces. It was fashion love at first sight, we have all the same style instincts. She let me dress her up in some of my favorite sweaters at Beyond Boutique right now. It is sweater-weather after all.

First off, this Total Betty blue sweater that I love, paired with some sweet little Mink Pink studded black leggings. The choker featured with the outfit is actually a bracelet that we got creative with. Feel free to google "chipie" for a fun french lesson today. They've got lots of these little gems in the store.

Sharon also worked up this little grey ensemble. Sweater and necklace both from Beyond Boutique. Boots are vintage-fab.

Sharon is a talented singer/song-writer.  She's currently working on her first solo recording project and launching a kick starter soon.  For all things Sharon click here, follow her on IG and twitter @sharonimusic.  We'll be doing a more in-depth feature on her in the future because she is the whole Total Betty package and this little lady is going places. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family is always in fashion

Betty and Gene, 1943
Today, I lost my Grandpa Gene, the doting husband of Betty and my #1 guy. He was a handsome fella (as you can see). He was also a sharp dresser and, even at 94, he took a great deal of care to make sure every hair was in place. The man always carried a comb, a pocket knife and a handkerchief and with those items, he came to the rescue of many a lady, I'm sure. (take note men)

I thought it would be appropriate to do a little tribute post to celebrate Gene and Betty being reunited. I am featuring a dress that Grandma Betty helped make my own for my high school graduation. A little throw-back fashion if you will.

Grandpa Gene, myself and Grandma Betty on my high school graduation day
I'll never forget finding this dress with Mom at Dillard's. Even then, I knew the importance of certain outfits in your life, like the photo of Gene and Betty above, it's frozen in time as a memory.

For me, graduation was much bigger than prom or homecoming. It was a day that my whole family would celebrate an achievement that they had put such value on when raising me. Betty and Gene were my second set of parents and I had always strived to make them proud. And naturally, I also wanted to look just as good and stylish as they always did. This couple set a high bar.

This little black dress was very retro in style. The off-the-shoulder neck-line and a-line skirt were what drew me to it. The dress had tull underneath that was pink and flared out a bit. I hated pink. Still do. My school colors were red and gold so Grandma Betty said it would be no trouble at all to replace the tull.

I remember shopping with Grandma Betty for the red tull and then she went right to work. I think it probably only took her an hour. She was such a talented lady. And that was one of the many reasons why Gene loved nothing more in this world than Betty. So tomorrow, we'll go on with the Total Betty launch and honor their memory as my inspiration. After all, family is always in fashion.