Friday, August 30, 2013

She's a Total Betty

My grandma was a Total Betty. Her name also happened to be Betty. At a mere 4 foot 9 inches weighing in at about 100lbs she had more style in her small frame than you could fit into the entire Versace Mansion (please excuse my personal bias here). She could rock a Sunday dress like nobody’s business and her bright and warm smile was always highlighted by a vibrant pink lipstick. She was the essence of a lady and she taught me that through her sweet presence, and lately, her absence.

She left us this past December, and ever since then, she’s been more of an inspiration to me than I could have ever imagined. She left me a few special pieces along with about 50 years and 50 lbs worth of fashion jewelry and accessories that have been a huge influence on my personal style as of late. She was always my little cheerleader and I truly feel she’s now cheering me on from heaven to finally follow my passion for fashion and thus begins Total Betty Style. Check back here for the latest looks, influences, trends and fashions that I think are Totally Betty.

Betty Ruth Graeff, 1942

Split Screen of Grandma Betty and I. She wore this sweet little suit at her wedding on January 17, 1943 when she married my Grandpa Gene, she was 19. It was a cream, wool and had black detail. On the right, is me at 19 in her dress on their 60th wedding anniversary. She was so excited that someone else was able to fit the thing. This is one of my most cherished memories, even though the damn zipper bit me. Hope I get to wear it again some day.

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