Monday, September 16, 2013

Fashion with no bounds - Redgi Woods

Redgi and Aldo the great
Redgi Woods is one of the kindest soul's I've come across since moving to Chicago. I've been inspired by his vivacious spirit and how that translates into his beautiful fashion design.

His line, called ReFINDefined, features vintage pieces, sought out and selected by Redgi himself and reconstructed to become something new and special.

Redgi and I crossed paths last week at Renegade, we identified our shared love of vintage and within 20 minutes, we had made a date for me to explore his workspace and observe his craft.

The Green House Collective Gallery is a studio in Pilsen where Redgi works his magic. It's a space he created to foster creativity. He features work from other local artists and the space is open for folks to stop by, have a coffee, do some work and inspire one another. 

He has found the studio to bring a new perspective to his designs as he's constantly influenced by those around him. The space in of itself creates an environment where fashion has no bounds and you can truly be and wear what you want. Just spending a few hours in his space had me styling things in a way that I would have never thought of before. I'm talking red parachute pants here! (photo to come as these pants deserve there very own post). 

People say this about a lot of designers but Redgi's pieces are truly for the every woman. When I say he works magic, I mean it. There are no sizes in his world but his creations fit everyone, perfectly. From 5 ft nothing Meg to the tall and striking models he features on shoots.

I encourage you to check out Redgi’s work, you’ll feel good in your skin, in his creations and with his company. He has many one-of-a-kind vintage treasures and Redgi can also help you spruce up your wardrobe by creating something new out of what you’ve already got at home. ReFINDefined is both eco-conscious and economical; a business model that benefits everyone. I’m clearing space in my closet for more Redgi originals – most specifically a precious cow-hide skirt (made from an old rug!!!). 

I'm excited to have met such a great new friend and even more thrilled about Total Betty Style/ReFINDefined projects to come.

What a treasure is Redgi Woods. 

Redgi, Meg and the cow-hide rug skirt
The Greenhouse Collective Gallery

Redgi's beautiful work

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