Friday, September 20, 2013

Kevin is a Converse All-Star

I'm proud to introduce Kevin Lilly, the very first featured Total Betty Boy. This guy has good energy. He also has good fashion sense.

Kevin's tie is from Artfully Disheveled, and isn't he just that! I wish more boys these days would wear ties. Ties don't have to be boring. They can also be loose and casual. They can have forks and knives all over them. Or pandas or pitchforks or bananas or kites or kittens. There are so many ways to go right! So just do it, like Nike.

But wait, forget Nike, let's also talk about the very special edition Chuck Taylor's Kevin is sporting. They have zippers on each side for max coolness and comfort. This shoe is just further proof that true classics never go out of style and can only be improved upon.

Ties and Converse All-stars - a winning juxtaposition for a rainy day at the office.

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