Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family is always in fashion

Betty and Gene, 1943
Today, I lost my Grandpa Gene, the doting husband of Betty and my #1 guy. He was a handsome fella (as you can see). He was also a sharp dresser and, even at 94, he took a great deal of care to make sure every hair was in place. The man always carried a comb, a pocket knife and a handkerchief and with those items, he came to the rescue of many a lady, I'm sure. (take note men)

I thought it would be appropriate to do a little tribute post to celebrate Gene and Betty being reunited. I am featuring a dress that Grandma Betty helped make my own for my high school graduation. A little throw-back fashion if you will.

Grandpa Gene, myself and Grandma Betty on my high school graduation day
I'll never forget finding this dress with Mom at Dillard's. Even then, I knew the importance of certain outfits in your life, like the photo of Gene and Betty above, it's frozen in time as a memory.

For me, graduation was much bigger than prom or homecoming. It was a day that my whole family would celebrate an achievement that they had put such value on when raising me. Betty and Gene were my second set of parents and I had always strived to make them proud. And naturally, I also wanted to look just as good and stylish as they always did. This couple set a high bar.

This little black dress was very retro in style. The off-the-shoulder neck-line and a-line skirt were what drew me to it. The dress had tull underneath that was pink and flared out a bit. I hated pink. Still do. My school colors were red and gold so Grandma Betty said it would be no trouble at all to replace the tull.

I remember shopping with Grandma Betty for the red tull and then she went right to work. I think it probably only took her an hour. She was such a talented lady. And that was one of the many reasons why Gene loved nothing more in this world than Betty. So tomorrow, we'll go on with the Total Betty launch and honor their memory as my inspiration. After all, family is always in fashion.


  1. RIP Gene.

    Although, I'm not sure Joey got the memo on the importance of the outfit he was wearing in the picture that day. :)

  2. Aw, RIP Gene.

    They were so cute back in the 40s.

    <3 KO