Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Total Betty Beyond Boutique

This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon shopping with a client at my favorite store in Bucktown, Beyond Boutique. The owners, Katherine and Michelle, do a great job of bringing in a unique mix of designers that you can't find just anywhere in Chicago. The fashions they feature are both high quality and affordable, I recommend you stop by and check it out yesterday. They're also cool chicks that I am happy to call friends. The boutique is right on the corner of Damen and Cortland. I hit up this place more than Starbucks.

While I was there, I noticed this little firecracker, Sharon Irving, trying on some of my favorite pieces. It was fashion love at first sight, we have all the same style instincts. She let me dress her up in some of my favorite sweaters at Beyond Boutique right now. It is sweater-weather after all.

First off, this Total Betty blue sweater that I love, paired with some sweet little Mink Pink studded black leggings. The choker featured with the outfit is actually a bracelet that we got creative with. Feel free to google "chipie" for a fun french lesson today. They've got lots of these little gems in the store.

Sharon also worked up this little grey ensemble. Sweater and necklace both from Beyond Boutique. Boots are vintage-fab.

Sharon is a talented singer/song-writer.  She's currently working on her first solo recording project and launching a kick starter soon.  For all things Sharon click here, follow her on IG and twitter @sharonimusic.  We'll be doing a more in-depth feature on her in the future because she is the whole Total Betty package and this little lady is going places. 

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